About the Artist

PIANORAMA is a series of CD albums of acoustic grand piano music composed, performed and recorded by Elizabeth Anne Middleton. The music has a classical timeless feeling and is described as visual, peaceful and relaxing, and having a healing energy flowing through it. Each album has its own theme such as trees, water, dreams, new beginnings, opening to other dimensions and more, inspired by people, places, events and dreams in the composer’s own life.

Elizabeth first began writing songs about animals and the natural world. She toured as opening act on a Daevid Allen US tour, using the stage name, “Octavia Neptune.” She wrote piano parts to record with the songs, and performed singing and playing an autoharp with harmony voices and piano accompaniments on backing tapes. She then began writing piano music which came easily perhaps because she studied classical piano for many years. She created “PIANORAMA” as a concert series of her original music. She recorded two albums in Albuquerque, NM, and eight albums at Roselane Studios, now located in Carpinteria, CA.